THE “REFRIGERATORS MACEDONIA SA” are considered a model unit, because of their chambers controlling the atmosphere, refrigeration and maintenance of the products but as well as machines GREEFA of the latest type for standardization and sorting ,based on the European certifications ISO-HACCP.

Also in 1997, the company has acquired the most basic and direct partner: “THE REFRIGERATORS MACEDONIA SA”, which are at the 6.5 km Veria – Naoussa with registered offices in Kalamata. The President is Mr Siampis Vassilis.

THE “REFRIGERATORS MACEDONIA SA” Veria consist our company’s support considering that is the transportation center of Company to local and international markets.

Mr Panagiotis Siampis made first contact with ΙΜΑΤΗΙΑ  a Greek region in Macedonia with a view to secure supplies with Fruits which are not flourished in South Greece

Today in Veria the comany Owns 16 refrigeretaor champers and its total capacity exceeds 2.500 tons.

Ten of theese 16 chambers are with controlled atmosphere.By a special proccedure the oxygen comes out and comes in the nitrogen aimed at improving  products hygiene maintainance conditions.

Also in Veria Siampis company owns the most contemporary GREEFA machines for products’ standardization and products’ sorting according the european certifications ISO-HACCP.It’s important to say that theese certifications in Greek Market we only have.