The company’s installations are located in Kalamata’s central vegetable market and in Veria (6,5 Km of highroad from Veria to Naousa at trilofo region)

It is a critical factor for us to have perfect hygiene conditions so we secure that we produce safe productsfor consumption

For this reason we have design and built our fascilities based good mnufacturing standards (GMP andGHP)

The demands and instructions of GMP and GHP where Siampis company follows are:

  • Location finfding and design of industrial installation (refriegerator chambersι)
  • Appliances and machines (technological equipment)
  • Raw materials, Packing materials and labels addition
  • Staff of Industry
  • Job enviromment
  • Πθριφιψατιον and disinfection
  • Controll systems / food safety management


The goals og GMP and GHP demands are:

  • To protect consumrs’ health.
  • To distribute an equable and safe product
  • The security of workforce.

At Our installation run big and separated areas for:

  • Insertion and storing packing materials
  • Quality control
  • Products’ storing

Also there is a special areafor the producs where are stay there untill to be driven to distribution department after the necessary testign as concen its appropriateness.